Ms. Chandni Nakrani

Ms. Chandni Nakrani

Counselor/ IELTS Trainer

Ms. Chandni Nakrani, hailing from the vibrant state of Gujarat, expressing her profound passion for the English language. She stated that teaching English was not merely a profession for her, but her true calling. Ms. Nakrani aspired to assist and inspire students on their educational journey, having guided and motivated thousands over the years to hone their English skills for academic and professional success.

Specializing in preparing students for examinations like IELTS and PTE, Ms. Nakrani bringing forth 14 years of invaluable experience in education. Her teaching approach as cantered on simplicity and accessibility, ensuring that every student grasped concepts with ease and confidence.

Ms. Nakrani articulated her ultimate aim as serving as a beacon of guidance and support, aiming to make the path to English proficiency as smooth and enriching as possible for her students. She invited others to join her on this journey to unlock the boundless potential within the realm of English language learning.

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